Arishtat comes from the Avestan language , its is the name of a Zoroastrian principle and signifies “justice” or “honesty.” As an artist he brings together organic ,harmonic, forest and dark sounds to create a unique story .

Arishtat, born in 1982 at Iran,he left his country to india for university education in 2002. He was interested in rock music during his student days.This time his friend introduced him to GOA and the Psytrance world family in 2004. From the very first time , the sounds ,style of music was fascinating .Also seeing the gathering of people from different countries,speaking different language irrespective of skin color,culture and traditions gathering together and dancing as one. For 8 years , he just listened to different tunes in different settings in dance floors around the world, till he understood for himself the way the vibrations , frequencies and sounds come together to paint a multi dimensional story.Nowadays he collaborates with artists from around the world to do events globally . The Norooz in Goa , is his brainchild. He has two projects , one Dark Progressive and the other Dark Forest Psy. He strives to bring new sounds to the dance floor and create community events where we all can gather as one and celebrate the Miracle of Life .